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We now have the first inter county tournament under our belt and very successful it was too. For more details click here. We will be holding a selection shoot for the county team on the 8th of June. We are looking for all bow styles, genders and ages. In particular […]

County Team Selection Shoot

Name: BCAA Outdoor Championships Individual & Club team matches taking place Date: Sunday 4th August 2019 Rounds: WA720 qualification round, followed by Head to Head matches Specific arrangements for the Head to Head will depend on entry numbers Entry Fee: £8 per archer Entry Form: BCAA Outdoor Championships 2019 Entry […]

BCAA Outdoor Champs 2019

Name: BCAA Presidents & Pairs Presidents & Pairs is a yearly competition run by a different club each year. This year, it is the turn of Kestrels Archery Club Date: Sunday 30th June 2019 Assembly: 11am Location: Furzenhall Road, Biggleswade Rounds : Western (60/50yds), with shorter distances available Entry Fee: […]

BCAA Presidents & Pairs 2019

Name: Kestrels 15th Portsmouth Tournament Date: Sunday 13rd October 2019 Rounds : Single and Double Portsmouth (Five dozen arrows at twenty yards to a 60cm face) Entry Fee: £8.00 for single, £15 for double Entry Form: Kestrels Portsmouth 2019.docx

Kestrels Portsmouth 2019

Name: Kestrels 36th Worcester Tournament Date: Sunday 2rd Feburary 2020 Rounds : Single and Double Worcester, shot at single or 5 spot face Entry Fee: £8.00 for single, £15 for double Entry Form: Kestrels Worcester 2020.docx

Kestrels Worcester 2020

Name: SCAS/BCAA Double Two Way Clout Date: Sunday 2rd June 2019 Rounds : Double Two Way Clout. UK Record Status and Tassel Awards. Boys under 12 & girls under 13 – 80yds; boys under 14 & girls under 16 – 100yds; boys under 16 & girls under 18 – 120yds; […]

SCAS/BCAA Clout 2019

Name: SCAS/BCAA Double WA 1440 World Record Status Tournament Dates: Saturday 20th and Sunday 21th July 2019 Rounds : WA 1440 round in all World Archery Classes (Ladies and Gents Senior Cadet, Junior and Master) VI Outdoor Round for VI1 and VI2/VI3 Archery GB Metrics I to V in all […]

SCAS/BCAA Double WA 1440 2019

Name: Kestrels York/Hereford 2018 Date: Sunday 12th May 2018 Rounds : York, Hereford and Bristols (Juniors according to age group). UK Record Status and Rose Award. Entry Fee:      £10.00 Closing Date: 3rd May 2019 or when full Entry Form: Kestrels York Hereford 2019.doc

Kestrels York/Hereford 2019

Name: Ely Archers 11th Annual Portsmouth Rounds: Single and Double Portsmouth Date: Saturday 17th November 2018 Entry fee: 1 Session £10, 2 sessions £18, 3 sessions £24 Last Entry: 12th November 2018 Entry Form: Ely Archers Portsmouth Entry Form 2018.pdf

Ely Archers 11th Annual Portsmouth

Name: BCAA individual outdoor championships & club team matches Date: Sunday 5th August 2018 Individual championships: Non record status WA720 and associated metrics Club team (pair) matches: Match rounds at appropriate target faces Entry Fee:      £8 for individual championship rounds. No entry fee for club team matches Prospectus & […]

BCAA Outdoor County Champs

Name: BCAA Presidents & Pairs Date: Sunday 24th June 2018 Rounds : Western (60/50yds), with shorter distances available Entry Fee: Free! No Entry Form. To register for the tournament, email fixtures@stneotsbowmen.club For what to include in the registration email as well as more information on the tournament see Presidents and Pairs […]

BCAA Presidents & Pairs 2018