County Team

The county team manager can be contacted on for all scores and submissions should be send with the subject header [Scores for Consideration] so as filtering can be done easily.
It was suggested at the Bedfordshire County Archery Association committee meeting that we need a selection criteria for the County Team. So as the team manager I propose to introduce a very simple 3 point criteria. This criteria will form the basis for consideration for inclusion in the County Archery Team.
We as a county are trying to promote a “Good team spirit” (It is a fun sport) Therefor you must have a desire to represent your county and be proud to ware the county team shirt.

You should have the ability to reach the required distances at which the county competitions are run. I.e. York/ Hereford rounds 100yds/80yds / WA /FITA Gentleman and Ladies.90m/70m, Or the distances for juniors etc. for your age and gender.

Be prepared to submit score sheets or copies to the county records officer and county team manager as proof of attainment to criteria 2.

Submissions and nominations will be accepted from club officials, coaches and individuals. Do not be shy!!!

It should be accepted that when forming a team for each event that not all qualified archers can be selected. So please be patient, I will try to be as fair as possible and include guests when space is available. I will also bare in mind personal and team development.